How to be in control of your life while the world gets crazier

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Using the unique  BRAVE (c) framework you will find out:


  •  Why your body is holding you back and not giving you the energy that you need to take control in any situation
  • How you can recognise and control your emotional reactions, choosing how you respond and turn difficult situations round to serve you
  • How important it is to have connections that hold you to a higher standard and why you don't need to ditch the haters in your circle so that you can make the right choices 
  • How to leverage your true values to turn your job, role and career into something that is truly fulfilling instead of something that you need to do till it gets to the weekend
  • Why you seem to keep failing at changing, even if you are able to make some progress you always seem to end up back where you started or even worse.
And as an additional bonus I will also send you an extract from my new book 'The Mindset Masterplan' where I talk about why discipline, habits and routines:


  • How a common myth about discipline is stopping you being consistent 
  • How consistency wins the day, but only 100% of the time
  • What is in the 'habit-loop' and how you can use this to make or break habits at will
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